Monday, April 27, 2009

Fashion designers of Pakistan

The success behind fashion in Pakistan is not due to investment in pakistani fashion industry by government and overseas investors but by the skillful work of Pakistani fashion designers who are putting their efforts to let fashion in Pakistan towards glory and fame.
The task of fashion designer is to design dress, fashion based accessories keeping in mind of cuture, style, vogue and fashion based aspects. So a fashion designer should be creative, artistic, innovative & pakistani fashion designers posses all these abilities to prove their work of art. People of fashion world admire Pakistani fashion designers due to stylishness, grace and elegance present in their fashion designs. Pakistani fashion designers have opened fashion outlets, boutiques and using their own names as fashion labels for promoting fashion in Pakistan and fulfilling demands of fashion fans of pakistan. These fashion designers are engaged in activities too which are other than their foremost role of fashion designing which includes organizing fashion shows & events. You can find elements of standard education, artistic approaches, finishing power, technological usage among these top fashion designers working under banner of Fashion Pakistan. Majority of the top online boutiques, outlets and fashion labels which you can find on accords of Fashion Pakistan are established by these brilliant, genious and innovative fashion designers. It is vital to have organised details of pakistani fashion designers at one place containing profiles, portfolios, fashion designs description, milestones etc and that place is Fashion Pakistan.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Shalwar Kameez tips

How you can make your shalwar Kameez better.
  1. The kameez should be a little longer in height. It makes you look taller. If your height is around 5 feet 3 inches then your kameez height should be around 47- 48 inches.
  2. If you have broad shoulders then avoid wearing puffed sleeves.
  3. If you have fat arms and therefore cannot wear sleeveless then go in for sleeves of about 5 inches length. This will hide the flab on your arms and your hands will look thinner.
  4. Shalwar Kameez can be worn in many styles. Styles keep changing with Trends. Recently big bottoms were in fashion and now short Kurtas Are back in vogue.
  5. Chudidar looks good on long kameezs or Kurtas. Avoid wearing them on short Kurtas. Chinese collar (closed neck) makes you look tall, but avoid it if you have broad shoulders.
  6. Wear a Shalwar Kameez around your naval area, as it will pull in your stomach.
  7. If you have the tie strings on your side, it reduces the look of the paunch.
  8. Tucks might be out of fashion but they give a very good cut to the Kameez.
  9. Avoid Organza or any stiff cloth if you want to look slimmer.
  10. Dark colours like maroon, red, blue or brown look very good on dark women.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Patiala Salwar Kameez

One of pakistani fashion include Patiala shalwar Kameez which is quite stylish and attractive.Patiala Salwar Kameez or Patiala Shalwar Kameez is having some special historical background. There is a story behind this name. Patiala is a place in Punjab at North India. In ancient times, Maharaja (King) of Paliala was very famous. His dress was a pleated and baggy type salwar with long loose kameez with full sleeves. He used to wear this dress as a king and for comfort also.

In the new modern era, the women community copied his dress and named Patiala. In Patiala shalwar Kameez , kameez is same as other traditional designs. The kameez of Patiala shalwar Kameez is long upto knee and comfortable to wear due to proper fitting. There is no hard and fast rule for sleeves, neck designs, front and back neckline depth and curves and cuts.

Normally the salwar of Patiala shalwar Kameez is having a number of pleates of different styles. The fall of pleates goes back and looks like baggy with pleates. Patiala shalwar is very comfortable to wear. From top, it has belt like any other traditional salwar and a long tunnel for drawstring. The upper portion like traditional shalwar is wide spread or has a big room for hips and legs movements.In a nutshell, the Patiala shalwar Kameez is comfortable to wear like traditional salwar kameez.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Face wash

Fashion is incompelete without beauty.selection of face wash is difficulte to choice. Face wash is defined as soap or cleansing solution that is made specifically for washing and cleaning your face. Your face has many different properties that makes is very different from other parts of your body, such as the amount of pores, and it needs a more specific cleansing due to the various things that we put it through (especially women with makeup). Also, every day your face gets exposed to many things that can result in breakouts of acne and other types of skin irritations so making sure that it's washed and taken care of every single day is very important. The following face wash products are a few types that I have used over the last few years and each one has proved to work great for one reason or another. If you're looking for a great type of face wash, then one of the products listed below should do the trick. Be sure to read through each one as they each have their own pros and cons that I talk about in detail.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bracelet fashion-trends and style

Bracelets are equally valuable for both men and women. But the selection of bracelets if different for both mostly female wear bracelets of gold, silver and demand in different colors but men mostly wear leather bracelets. Diamond bracelets have variety and style including charms, tennis bracelets and other dazzling choices.
Most of people select tennis bracelets and now become tradition. Bracelets are used to gift on occasion like birthday or to give your partner on anniversary or marriage. Even men should think about how good they'd look in a fashionable and up-to-date diamond or gemstone wristband. All these bracelets have been designed with both the newest trends and classic tastes in mind. All our most alluring metal and gemstone combinations are worth their price. Diamonds stun. Never underestimate the appeal of elegant gift to those closest to you.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Jewelry becomes a great part of fashion. The choice of jewelry depends on someone personality or which suits to her. For example most of smart ladies wear small or light jewelry and fat wear heavy. Selection of jewelry also depend on age mostly young wear all type of jewelry like rings, necklace, ear rings etc but old age simply wear rings. Most of time jewelry is used on parties or different occasion in normal routine only few of thing used.
Now there is trend build up that artificial jewelry is used in stead of gold or silver. There is a lot of variety and design in artificial jewelry which gives more beauty and attractiveness. Now here question arises who wear what? What type of jewelry? Selection of jewelry is most important thing because that makes the decision what suits to you and in which color. You can match jewelry according to your dress and also contrast with it. People who are thin will wear light and simple jewelry which make more attractiveness to them and for fat they will wear heavy jewelry.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Salwar Kameez fashion

Salwar kameez is one of the most comfortable all weather outfits we have. Salwar Kameez helps keep cool on those hot sweltering days as it doesn't cling to the body.
There's no denying the fact that the salwar kameez is very graceful and lends the wearer an aura of feminine charm.

You can have variety of
Shalwar KAmeez available in countless designs, materials, sizes and to suit all pockets, the salwar kameez is certainly an exciting outfit. You'll have one that's just right for you. You can never go wrong with it since salwar kameez suits all occasions. Add to this the fact that salwar kameez easily available.

The salwar kameez is one outfit which will bring out the best in you no matter what your vital statistics. A loose kameez is the perfect camouflage for those extra layers and vertical prints produce a slimming effect. A small bust can be enhanced by embroidery at the neck or other embellishments such as wooden buttons, beads or bright yokes. So wear salwar kameez as a casual out fit or for any occasion. The
salwar kameeez dress will always make you look good.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Shalwar kamiz

Shalwar kamiz dresses. Every person has its own personality. Only education and status doesn’t show your personality there are other aspect which make your personality good looking and attractive. Every person has its own choice what he or she wear but the basic thing is that what suits to you. When we talk about dress shalwar kamiz first comes into minds. Shalwar kamiz has its own grace which your personality good looking. There are many design and style on shalwar kamiz. The selection of design and style depends for which occasion you are selecting. in summer people mostly like to wear shalwar kamiz after wear it you feel relax as compare to other dress.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cotton suits and fashion

Cotton and other natural fiber suits are certainly being seen more and more in spring/summer collections. I find that there is something romantic about them, perhaps a nod to another era. High-end designers like Giorgio Armani, Paul Smith and Etro added cotton suits to their collections. This could be a trend we will see for years to come. I hope so since it is a look I love.
What’s more, cotton suits are such a great alternative to summer weight wools. They are easily incorporated into a wardrobe as they can be worn with a tee (but please, not in a Miami Vice sort of way) as well as a shirt and tie. A pair of fabulous dress shoes or fashion sneakers, what ever your style, will finish off this cool summer wardrobe essential. Also keep in mind that the cotton suits offered now are more sophisticated making them better suited for the office or an evening out as opposed to the the country club look found in years past. But let me remind you, if you are still building a basic, functional wardrobe, stick with classic suit fabrics such as worsted wools.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Asian Fashion

Here question arises whats asian fashion and what it includes.

Asian fashions had an extensive impacted on British culture following postwar immigration and the 1960s counter-cultural mystification of the East, with the prejudicial British stereotypes initially associated with traditional Asian dress gradually shifting to Western mainstream appropriations of ethnic style and fashion.

Subject to subcontinental regional variations, Asian fashions are based around traditional gendered garments including women’s casual shalwar (cotton pyjama trousers) and kameez (tunic top) with dupatta or chunni (chiffon head scarf) outfit. More intricately embroidered, classically or extra-vagantly designed versions of these suits are reserved for special social and religious occasions, as are the lengha, (a long heavy flaring skirt coupled with kameez-style tunic top) and sari. Bengali and Gujarati women don durable cotton saris as daily wear, with regionally diverse styles ranging from the hand-woven Bengali jamdani to silk South Indian saris.

Traditional male garments centre around the men’s shalwar-kameez or kurta (tunic top of slightly shorter length than the kameez) and pyjama, commonly worn by older Asian men or informally in the home. The pronounced religious influences of modest traditional dress are visible in the turbans and white caps worn by Sikh and Muslim men respectively (the different styles of turbans are indicative of regional and caste-based differences), and also Muslim women’s hijab.

Asian fashions fluctuate between preserving traditions, Western appropriations as ‘authentic' cultural markers and accommodating Western trends to produce a modified or hybridized look. Western appropriations which began with sandals, beads and kurta tops in the 1960s now include accessories and body adornment such as mehndi-decorated hands, other henna tattoos, facial markings, bindis, nose rings, bangles and weightier Indian gold accessories, once traditionally worn by married women only.

As Asian affluence grows, Bombay and Delhistyle fashion boutiques are becoming popular among the Westernized Asian middle classes, selling ready-made designer suits alongside more traditional fabric outlets. Economic stratification locates the continued practice of homemade fashion, based on classic and the latest imported subcontinental fashion designs, among ex-rural migrants in particular.

While traditional fashions are maintained among older Asians with social and religious aspects intact, Asian youth styles reflect the crosscultural influences of recontextualized Asian fashions, although as Naseem Khan suggests, the conspicuous lack of an outstanding British Asian designer perhaps indicates the future of Asian fashions in Britain.


Rule.No.1 : Accentuate your positives!

When searching for clothes, look for sari blouses or tops that enhance your facial features and chest area (but not in a trashy way). Choose flattering colours for your skin tone and accessories (jewellery and hair accessories) that direct a viewer's attention away from those features that you are self-conscious about.

Rule.No.2 : Conceal the negatives!

Avoid clothes that draw attention to what you feel are your negative features. For instance, avoid clothing that is too tight -- that will overemphasis your features such as tight jeans or lycra tops, light coloured pants / skirts, especially if you favour dark tops. A general rule to follow is the rule that your tops should not be darker than your bottoms. Especially if you are well endowed in the hip area.
Another good rule is, at the very least, you should match colours of tops and bottoms. If not, draw attention to the upper waist area by wearing dark coloured (not necessarily black) pants / skirts and vibrant coloured tops, with or without prints.

Rule No. 3 : Come out of hiding!

Get rid of those clothes that make you feel the most frumpy! Eliminate restricting sari blouses, and baggy pants and T-shirts from your wardrobe! These things tend to draw attention to your physical shape and only serve to make you feel more self-conscious. A more open collared top, maybe a V-neck or a crew neck. Tops that reveal a little shoulder, can make you feel 10 times better.
It opens up the area around your face, so that even without makeup, you can feel sexy. If you must have something concealing your neck, try a scarf. Scarves have a tendency to draw attention away from those negative spots and allow others to focus on your beautiful smile. In fact, the shorter the scarf (just slightly bigger than a handkerchief), the foxier you will look and feel. Try sheer / print scarves...very soft and feminine.

Rule No. 4 : If it makes you feel frumpy...don't wear it!

If you feel self-conscious, you can't feel comfortable and much less, sexy. First of all -- find a style you are comfortable with. If you wear Shalwar Kameez (which one admits are very comfortable), forget fabrics with writing, etc., on them. Find fabrics with solid colours or with complimentary patterns on them. The kameez should be long enough to cover those 'trouble spots'. When choosing a style, they should not be constricting or too clingy. There should still be room to breathe, although not too baggy.

Rule No. 5 : Take your time and take a friend

When shopping, take the time to try on clothes before you leave the store. Take a friend along who can be objective in helping you find clothes to compliment your shape. If 'sexy' or 'foxy' is what you're looking for, why not bring your spouse along? Put on a little fashion show in the changing booth area for your significant other. Who said shopping should not be fun for your other half.

An understanding and loving partner will be supportive and may aid you in finding outfits (party clothes, lingerie) that you feel comfortable in and that you both find sexy. Once honest with yourself. If it makes you feel frumpy, don't buy it! Don't waste your valuable fashion money, and valuable closet space on clothes that you wear once and then never again. Take your time.

Keep in mind, no matter what your size, clothing should be functional, yet comfortable. Your clothes should compliment you. Don't be afraid to experiment a little...a print here, a little bright colour there...Pastels look good on just about anyone. They give your shape a softer look, regardless of your size. You don't have to look frumpy anymore! Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable, but accentuate your positives and conceal your negatives.

Wedding dresses

Every Dress represent its culture. In Pakistan most of people wear shalawar Kameeez. But if talk about wedding dresses the its change according to her own interest and choice. Wedding dresses may be sari, lahanga, Shalwar kamiz etc.
Some of wedding dresses collection is there which are beautiful and attractive.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pakistan Shalwar kameez

Most of ladies in Pakistan wear Shalwar Kameez.In which they make their fashion through different style and design.Shalwar qameez is the national dress of Pakistan. It has a great margin of
incorporating styles into it. Slight western style is seen in blended in today's
fashion of Pakistani shalwar qameez. Our portfolio for shalwar qameez
includes variety of designs and styles in various colors. Find shalwar qameez
for ladies and gents for different occasions. Shalwar qameez can be worn
on different occasions. Both casual wear and casual wear of shalwar qameez
is available in our portfolio in different materials. The materials used for
these shalwar qameez are silk, cotton, khaddar, jeans, banarsi silk.
Shalwar qameez is available in different styles which include guddi
shalwar, lain shalwar, patiala shalwar, trouser kameez, pajama
qameez, cut sleeve shirt, short shirt, in various colors , prints and